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Our mission, philosophy on coaching

and what our clients say about us.



Morehouse Family

The Morehouse Hoops Collective believes in creating an open and honest learning environment so that players can address their strengths and weaknesses on the basketball court. We stress the importance of mastering fundamental skills and encourage players to become students of the game. Confidence is a direct result of these processes.

Coach Morehouse has over 25 years of coaching experience with 12 coming at the collegiate level. He has served as a head coach, assistant coach, recruiting coordinator and director of player development. He has coached numerous all-conference and all-state high school boys and girls basketball players. On the collegiate level, Brett has coached and/or recruited over 30 All-Conference players, 10 All-American players, 2 Freshman of the Year, and 3 Defensive Players of the Year.



"After working with Coach Morehouse, I have grown to know what my strengths and weaknesses are. I have better knowledge as to what things I need to work on and things that make my game who I am. My intelligence of what I can and should be doing as a basketball player has grown immensely. Coach Morehouse has given me lots of confidence as well to try new things and trust who I am as a player."

C70F465D-4BB0-4C7A-A916-4ACACA9C32E5 - Kloie Thatcher.jpeg

Kloie Thatcher

Women's College Basketball 

NAIA All American

Frontier All Conference

“During my coaching career, I have learned that what eventually separates two players of equal athletic ability comes down to which player has a stronger foundation of fundamental basketball skills AND a greater understanding of the overall game.”

— Coach Brett Morehouse


I am a TEACHER who is passionate about coaching the game of basketball. ​My priorities lie in building relationships with players, parents, and colleagues. Without these relationships, real and honest communication cannot occur. When I was taking education classes in college, I remember being told that "students don't care what you know until they know that you care". In my years of coaching and teaching, I have found that statement to be absolutely true, and therefore, until you have built a foundation of trust and open communication, you will never really be able to teach and coach to the level that will bring out the true potential of your players.

If you stress the importance of mastery of the fundamentals and treat your players as students of the game, you increase the chances that they will be able to maximize their natural talents while participating in game situations. If you want your players to know what to do and how to react in late-game, high-pressure scenarios, you have to mentally prepare them for those situations and teach them strategies to use in order to achieve successful results. In my twelve years of coaching at the collegiate level, I have found that mental and emotional development is more important than physical development alone. A mentor once told me: "I will TEACH my players how to play basketball, not just how to execute drills." 

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